Supervised visits may be appropriate in cases where, for example:

  • There is a history of/or allegations of partner abuse and/or where there is an ongoing threat of abuse.

  • There is a history of/or allegations of physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse of the child where there is fear of such abuse occurring.

  • There are concerns regarding parenting ability which pose a threat to the safety of the child if contact were not supervised.

  • The non-custodial party has been absent from the child for a lengthy period of time and the opportunity to re-establish a relationship in a safe, supportive setting is required.

  • The non-custodial party has a history of a drug or an alcohol problem or a psychiatric disability.

  • There are concerns regarding abduction or a threat of abduction.

  • There is unresolved conflict between both parties.

  • Continuity of access has been problematic or denied.